How to be a great blogger


Blogging has always been simple: read; comment; blog.

First, I gotta admit, wordpress has a decent blogging platform.

But, if you want to really blog.

Second, you have to begin to move away from wordpress.

Sadly, what made wordpress a great blogging platform will become your downfall if you continue to blog on wp.

They focused on making money out of a free blogging program. For years, that worked for them and for the blogger. BUT, now they have scaled beyond a point that they can actually support. And many people are experiencing problems.


Missing content, posts, blogs, comments.

A lack of support for their software.


My guess? That outage they had a couple years back scared them. AND I think it POSTPONED their public stock offering. I think they decided that instead of telling the world if they had a problem, they would just hide the problems.

Instead of embracing the bad news, they have tried to hide all news. And that means they intentionally decided NOT to SUPPORT their clients.

I might be wrong. But, I really don’t think so.

But, like I said, from the old days of blogging. The way to be a great blogger is simple: read; comment; blog.


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