Here are some great travel pics!

I love the Beluga Whale. But you won’t catch me swimming in 32 degree water to get the picture.



Why Evolution Is True

Don’t expect deepities or god-bashing today (you can find histrionics and controversy elsewhere on the internet), or maybe not even biology, for Professor Ceiling Cat is hellishly busy.  I will do my best to provide some light entertainment for Hump Day.

The Guardian has given prizes in its 2011 “Travel Photographer of the Year” contest.  The images will be on view at the Royal Geographical Society from this Friday to August 19, coinciding with London’s Olympic games (information on the exhibit is here).

There’s a gallery of 14 of the winning photos on the Guardian website, and I’ll reproduce just three here (click to enlarge):

While travelling in India, I’ve ridden on trains that were close to this several times—people on the roof, hanging out of windows, etc.:

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