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Everyone, This is chilling. Activists posing as professionals are attacking other professionals. It would seem to me that they are using their positions (positions of trust) to destroy their opposition. Not what I would call ‘freedom.’ Would you call this … Continue reading

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What is a skeptic scientist?

Everyone, Every now and then you read one of those ‘what does that really mean’ phrases. What is a skeptic scientist? Does she disbelieve in modern Science? That is what a skeptic does, disbelieve what is accepted as fact. So, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
OMG, I almost forgot it was Saturday, and had I forgotten I would have broken a three-year continuum of Saturday cats.  Fortunately, I remembered, and here are two videos of cats in water.…

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Originally posted on CYCLING 4 CANCER:
As I write this blog I’m on the ferry crossing The Baltic Sea from Umea to Vaasa. It’s been a wild and adventurous month in Norway, full of stunning beauty and spectacular nature. With nearly…

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I hate headaches

Everyone, Do you love headaches? And not just the ones in your own head. How about those pesky ‘friends?’ Or governments? How many wars have our governments caused in the last two years? And they always blame them on ‘democracy … Continue reading

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