A Freudian slip if there ever was one.

Our atheist friend used the Freudian ‘OMG’ to slip in a slight parapraxis for us.

Well, I hope it brings a smile to you like it did to me.

We all need a little humor in this world gone mad.


Why Evolution Is True

OMG, I almost forgot it was Saturday, and had I forgotten I would have broken a three-year continuum of Saturday cats.  Fortunately, I remembered, and here are two videos of cats in water.  Some even seem to like it!

And here’s Neo the Swimming Cat, who despite his owner’s asseverations doesn’t really seem to like the bathing experience:

I manage a Dive Resort in Indonesia, and my cat has had to be able to swim. Neo goes for a swim every two days in the ocean. Afterwards we give him a hot bath with shampoo to wash off the salt water. He never complains, never tries to scratch us, never tries to run away.

Enjoy Neo, the Swimming Cat!!!

I would like to add that we have had many guests staying with us who are vets, and none of them thought he was ever upset, annoyed or scared. We would…

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