This is chilling.

Activists posing as professionals are attacking other professionals.

It would seem to me that they are using their positions (positions of trust) to destroy their opposition.

Not what I would call ‘freedom.’

Would you call this freedom?


Watts Up With That?

By Christopher C. Horner
First published in the Washington Examiner, reposted here with permission

Not long ago, the American Tradition Institute initiated a transparency campaign using federal and state freedom of information laws to learn more about how taxpayer-funded academics use their positions to advance a particular agenda. On its face, this should have been welcomed by the Left, which often lays claim to the “transparency” mantle. It is instead causing great angst.

Our project would compile the context to the “Climategate” scandal, which, as activist academics central to its revelations assured us, was really an out-of-context misrepresentation. Curiously, the same people think this project a very bad idea.

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