I hate headaches


Do you love headaches?

And not just the ones in your own head.

How about those pesky ‘friends?’

Or governments?

How many wars have our governments caused in the last two years?

And they always blame them on ‘democracy advocates?’

How many Muslims have you ever talked to? They don’t want ‘democracy,’ they just don’t want the ‘current’ dictator in charge.

Just look at Egypt.

Our American government spent over 200 million dollars on Egyptian ‘democracy advocates.’ The year of the war. I hope we quit spending that money, but I doubt it.

What did they elect? ‘Muslim brotherhood.’ Again, how many Muslims do you know who are truly about ‘peace’ and ‘brotherhood?’

They believe in peace and brotherhood for their group over all other groups.

Again, look at how quickly they were to attack Christian Churches in Egypt after the new ‘peace’ came into power. And rape women …

So, why does our government continue to get involved in long term MESSES?

They cause us HEADACHES.

The Ghost.

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