I gotta ask,

Does anyone know why superstition evolved?

I don’t know about you. But, I think I will eat cashews, chips, and salsa.

There has to a testable and falsifiable set of experiments we can conduct …. especially if we are truly skeptical.


Why Evolution Is True

The Mars rover Curiosity will touch down on the red planet Monday at about 1:30 a.m. EST (US) Monday, and I’ll post a day in advance so you can stay up to watch, especially since it will be televised live. To see how the landing will take place, go here and watch the movie “Curiosity: Seven minutes of terror.” It will make you marvel at the creativity of our species.

But amidst all the fantastic science that underlies this project, there’s still a bit of woo. As alert reader Chris informs me, the CNN blog Light Years describes a superstition around the landing:

An hour before the Mars rover Curiosity is scheduled to make its dramatic touchdown on the surface of our neighboring planet, there must be peanuts.

David Oh, lead flight director for the mission, explains that it has been a tradition for decades to open up cans…

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