I find this fascinating. I used to think University was about teaching how to learn. You know, that ‘critical thinking’ stuff. Then I went to University. I had to learn propaganda to pass several classes ….

And then I read this blog post about an out of context argument by atheists who do not believe in Jesus, using Jesus to try to coerce others into voting their way.

This is truly fascinating! Modern man has devolved to the point, we struggle interpreting basic and historic texts.

How is it that misinterpreting what someone believes considered ‘intelligent,’ or ‘academic?’

I would have thought our academia had moved past the propaganda I was forced to learn when I was in University.

I was definitely proven wrong.

I truly marveled at the comments about how to interpret a text that the writers did NOT believe in. A text they would have called invalid.

Except during the election cycle, they know their ‘rock star’ is losing.

How much greed is enough?

And why would anyone want to die from ‘medicine?’


Why Evolution Is True

Over at the Washington Post‘sOn Faith” section, Paula Kirby’s just written a nice piece, “How would Jesus vote?“, on the bizarrely non-Christian behavior of American Christians: their strange views on Obamacare, gun control, and income inequality.  When she emailed me about the piece, Paula said this:

 I have a new post up at WashPo’s On Faith page. It’s rather different from my previous posts there: this one says nice things about Christianity! The aim was to flag up the huge contrast between the political/social attitudes of the Religious Right and the teachings of the man they’re all supposed to be so devotedly following. At a time like this, it strikes me as far more urgent to try to keep Romney out of the White House than to attack liberal versions of Christianity.

It’s short and worth reading in its entirety: a sharp indictment of the…

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