What is Evolution?


I often wonder about this.

Did it begin at the ‘Big Bang?’ Or, did it start before?

Did it begin with a primordial soup?

When did it begin?

What is it?

Did a Beagle evolve? Or, is it just one breed of many canines?

Did man evolve from “Turkana boy?” Or, did we evolve from Neanderthal?

Where DID we come from?

I once heard the Director of the NIH speaking about de-evolution. He commented that mankind was devolving faster than we were improving. I do not remember the rate difference, but it was huge. He predicted Mankind would be extinct within a few a thousand years. We haven’t been around much longer than that.

If we are devolving, are other species devolving?

Would that be why Beagles suffer from Hip Dysplasia? Will they go extinct before we do?

Can de-evolution be reversed? Will our scientists attempt to fix our genes before we go extinct?

Would that be ethical? Would it make us into mutants?

Are they mutating us already?

They have already mutated corn. Will we become ‘Children of the corn?’


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