This was a great post.

IMHO that was.

It pointed out many of the inconsistencies in our modern economies. We expect people to pay HUGE amounts of public debt back. Debt that does not directly result from their investment.

We expect solar to always work.

We expect maintenance to not be needed. What? I was supposed to change the oil in my car?

Great read.


Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

For a few years, I managed a combination of businesses on a very remote 100 hectare (250 acre) South Pacific island. The main businesses were a shipyard; a machine shop building aluminum boats and water tanks; a banking agency; a postal agency; a buying point for locals selling copra (dried coconut), beche-de-mer (sea cucumber), and trocus shell; and a trade store. About 80 acres of the island were planted to coconut, which was harvested and sold. In addition to getting into the 1000-Metre Sweat and the Two-Month Wait as Olympic events, I learned a lot about the logistics and the economics of running a business on an island in the middle of nowhere. The operation was, of course, diesel-powered. You can’t run a big lathe on a few batteries and some solar panels. So I know the problems of supplying fuel in remote islands in…

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