Why is hate so common today?


How? Why? is hate so common?

Aren’t we evolving a better world?

Doesn’t Dawkins blame war on Religion? So, in his modern world view without Religion, shouldn’t we have a peace benefit?

What is it?

Could it be that our modern world is not better than the ‘old’ one we are blaming?

Could it be pollution today is worse than 20 years ago? Could it be Jeffrey Sachs’ and others teaching us to evolve and give more away has damaged the ecology more than the previous century?

Why is it that we are evolving BACKWARDS?

The last century was the bloodiest on record. And we keep hearing people tell us we are fighting war to end war. And then there is another government to overthrow.

And it is always the fault of the government.


If the last 20 governments were at fault, isn’t that 100%? I mean 20 out of 20, we are perfect, they are not. Isn’t that 100% of governments are at fault?

Is that why hate is so widespread? Is it because of government?

If only it was that easy.

Could it just be that we as people have problems?


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