Here is a blog on Peru.

Don’t you just love the colors?


while out riding

I’ve been taking a short break before pedalling on through the Andes towards Cuzco.

For anyone interested in the goings on of the Gilberts (mainly other Gilberts, no doubt), here’s a short report on mum’s whirlwind visit to Peru’s Cordillera Blanca…

The need to know bit:

Llanganuco Lodge and the Lazy Dog Inn aren’t quite within the scope of my usual budget, but if you want to treat yourself, they’re both wonderful places to stay. The Llanganuco Lodge offers dorms and camping too, and the food is highly recommended at both places. Perfectly geared towards mountain bikers (there is great guiding offered, and a full workshop), Olaza’s B&B makes a good base in Huaraz.

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