I want a tadpole! Trike that is.

I love the ‘rain coat.’
This is from Hase Bikes. They also make the kids trailer, trike, jogging cart all-in-one.


Do you ride?

Do you still get out and exercise? Do you do that running, or on a bike?

I want a tadpole trike, although, I wish they made a slightly fancier 4 wheel version just for me.

Here is my favorite.

I would like this trailer if it was big enough for me to ride, instead of sized for kids.

Where was all this FUN when I was a kid?

Well, I could not have afforded it then.

What do you do for fun?


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5 Responses to I want a tadpole! Trike that is.

  1. Steve Newbauer says:

    The picture you show is not a Tadpole trike. It is a Delta trike. I find it truly amazing people say they are writing about Tadpole trikes when they don’t even know what they look like. So much for their expertise and credibility.

    • Steve, thank you for your comment. Your comment was mostly ‘true.’

      I should have indicated that the link was to the tadpole. I guess you did not follow the link I provided?


      • Steve Newbauer says:

        I don’t know what you mean by continued insults. This is the first time I know of that I have ever commented on your blog. I never saw it before today. It is true that your link leads to a tadpole trike, but it makes no sense to show a picture of a delta trike when your article is supposed to be about tadpole trikes. You can call it an insult if you want. Personally I think I would correct your article and remove my comment afterwards thanking me for pointing out this matter. You can do what you want. I am sorry you take this as an insult.

  2. Steve,
    I apologize. I corrected my response to your comment quickly. I guess not quickly enough. I can edit your comments and mine, but I try to keep ‘censorship’ to a minimum.

    • Steve Newbauer says:

      I apologize to you as I came to the realization that I should not have used the words I did. It was wrong of me. I responded to what I saw in the wrong way. It does really bother me when I see this sort of thing and I have seen it now a few times. However, that is no excuse. Anyway, please forgive me. If I would have known a means of contacting you personally concerning this matter I would have done so and avoided the public comment. I do suggest that you delete these communications between us, but it’s your blog and your call. Be blessed!

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