Another great discussion on Watt’s blog about global warming.

This blog was about concepts I struggled to understand.

So, if my smart readers will help me, what is an inter-glacial?

Is it related to inter-galactic? I guess not, but there is always a chance.

Enjoy reading.


Watts Up With That?

Perspective by William McClenney on the paper of the same title by:

P. C. Tzedakis, E.W. Wolff, L. C. Skinner, V. Brovkin, D. A. Hodell, J. F. McManus, and D. Raynaud

I can often be heard, when assailed by the well-informed, climate, to ask the eminently reasonable question “In your opinion, how long will the Holocene last?” Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome then ensues, without exception so far, because astonishingly, few of the climate cognoscenti have even heard of the Holocene, much less pondered how, why, and by what mechanism it might, theoretically, be extended……

This IS the debate we should be having. So far, the Holocene has been quite the historically stable little interglacial, so far not exhibiting the normal climate instabilities of the typical end extreme interglacial.

But “Can we predict the duration of an interglacial?”

This, now week-old paper, explores a fascinating linkage concept, the inception…

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