Do you see blue when I see red?

I was in 10th grade, it was geometry class, when I first asked myself that.

Years later, I read that this topic was an exciting field of research.

OK. I thought it was a cool question.

But, research? That is work.

But, honestly? What odd things do we think of which get us away from boredom and the pains of life.

Not the aches and pains, the genuine level 7, 8, 9, and 10’s of life?

Is it good for us to escape from the pain into day dreaming? Or, should we just face the pain head on?

I sometimes wish I was like Evel Knievel. I really wish I could break every bone in my body and NOT feel it.

So, really? Should we research unusual concepts just to escape? Or, should what we research have a meaning greater than life itself?

And unfortunately, this blog post did get rather esoteric (level 8 & 9 pain does that to my brain). But, on a more serious note, are some concepts more valuable than other ideas?


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