Stay True brought up some good points about fairness in competitive sports.

What is truly fair?




Nadine was understandably happy with finishing yesterday. Her impeccable manners means she has not, and would not, consider posing this question – but I will:

Is $100 total prize money for first female in the Melbourne to Warrnambool sending the right message about how we value women in our sport?

Here’s some numbers:

  • The female winner of the M2W is still $35 out of pocket after subtracting her winnings from her entry fee.
  • First male gets 20 times the prize money of first female.
  • Women-specific prize money is 1.11% of the total. This leaves 98.89% of prize money that, realistically, only men can win.
  • There is fifty two (yup, 52) times more prize money for the sprint primes and 18 times more for the KOMs along the route than for first female overall.
  • Third place in D grade gets more than twice the prize money of first female. (Not…

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