Miriam is working up a great list of resources for anyone interested in Social Justice.

And she actually reads and answers her own blog.

How OLD fashioned can a blogger be. Right?



Brute Reason

Yo, remember that huge list of social justice resources I mentioned that I was working on?

Well, it’s up!

Feel free to use this for your own education, to refer newbies, and so on. Share it widely. Hopefully it’ll help people.

And, of course, it will be getting updated constantly and I’d love to get recommendations for articles, websites, books, and other stuff to add. Some of the sections are still woefully sparse, so if any of those are subjects that you particularly care about, please share your favorite resources.

Otherwise, there’s more explanation over on the linked post, so go read that if you’re interested.


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  1. OK, as some of ya’ll know, wordpress hates me.

    I have been trying to post to the original author. But, wordpress is eating my comments.

    Here is part of what I am trying to ask the blog author:

    “I apologize for my comment not being clear. The comment wordpress ate was clearer.

    What I am asking is: “How do we define ‘different?'”

    And: “How do we address a difference and make it equal?”

    I mean if we are going to advocate to fix the problems, we do need to identify how we know when we have fixed them. IMHO.

    So, back to my previous example.

    I am disabled. I seldom am offered help in our equality minded USA. But, as soon as I step away from all of our ‘talk’ of equality and go to a foreign country, I get treated MUCH better. Sometimes it is EMBARRASSING to me to be treated so kindly away and to be treated so badly at home.

    When I come back to the USA …. whew! Reality hits me hard. I do not like the manner I am treated. But, I live with it.

    So, how do we deal with the differences? How do we ‘rectify’ the situation?

    What would be our goal towards fixing the problem? Do we pay me in cold hard cash?

    That might make me feel better.


    Or, do we penalize offenders? That would be legislating morality.

    Just how do we determine when we have accomplished our goals?”

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