Have you ever had ‘writer’s block?’


I have many writing friends who complain about this problem.

I have blogged for YEARS. And I honestly do not remember a single time I sat down to type a blog when I had a problem writing a blog post.

Then along comes WORDPRESS …. and their attack upon me.

I find it difficult to blog now.

I know the reason. I know that at any moment, they could find this account; they could attack this account like the previous account; and then they could shut this account down (like the previous account).

They could lock me out of another blog account ….

It is truly demoralizing.

It WAS truly demoralizing.

I have had several blogs. On MySpace, I was often a highly rated blogger. I learned a lot about how to blog and be good at blogging.

I NEVER once had my account attacked, although I did get a trojan virus infection that was PRETTY bad. That is the reason I do not blog on MySpace anymore. It took a month to get that one fixed.

I watched as myspace began their attacks. At first, I thought I was going through normal ups and downs in my readership.

But, then I noticed a couple of better than average blog entries with great headlines.

And they FLATLINED. I do not mean they got a few readers, I mean they flatlined.

At first, I thought the reasonable, “Everyone took the day off together.”

Then I had a huge gain in readership. With poorly written blog entries.

I thought, “GREAT!” And then I thought through it all. On a long weekend …. more people reading bad blogs?

Something is not right.

It was after that wordpress blocked my ability to report technical problems.

And now they have totally locked up that blogging account.

So, I blog on. But, it is really demoralizing ….


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