Is anyone else a victim of the Clinton era prosperity driven debt binge?

We were all promised a better life if we ‘invested’ in our futures.

Sometimes reality was (is) harsh.

Our fellow blogger shares her heartfelt struggle with debt, and modern friendships.

Read, enjoy, and if you have a mind to, re-blog.


Raw Milk Marathon

Every week I eat lunch with a good friend of mine. Today I got a text from her reading: “If we eat together today-can we eat out? My house is a disaster”

REWIND: When this tradition began, we would usually eat at a little Mexican spot in town. After a few weeks, I requested that we eat in at her house instead since she works from home and her home is near my work.

I quite liked the local mexi place, and in all actuality it is closer to work than my friend’s house. But even for a cheap place, it isn’t cheaper than eating in.

FAST FORWARD: I just stared at the text trying to formulate some reasonable answer.  For 20 or 30 minutes I fumbled around my keyboard, typing and erasing. I didn’t want to make her feel bad for suggesting an idea of which I’m not able…

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