Biden lost the election for Obama.


Have you noticed the news lately?

Even with all of the Obama campaign’s mistakes, the media keeps holding out hope this President will win again. And in case he fails, they have all sorts of elaborate stories explaining why it is not Obama’s fault he lost this election.

So, the reality is simple. It is not Obama who is running for re-election.

It is his team.

His team consists of Biden, Clinton, and others. They are the real players in this election.

President Obama has continued to do what he does best, play golf and vacation with his family.

And then his family went on vacation without him …. so he played golf.

Have you noticed how they don’t talk about his basketball anymore? Is his golf game that much better?

So, Biden was supposed to bury the competition during his debate.

He might have beaten his opponent, but he did not score a victory. And many claim he actually lost that match.

So, in a few weeks, the headlines will read, “Biden lost the election for Obama.”

Don’t you think?


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