Growing blog readership.


Growing your readership is one of the easiest and (on wordpress) the hardest parts of blogging.

You have to read, comment, like, and follow a lot of OTHER bloggers. Sometimes you read the blogs of the day. Sometimes you join some of those competitions, wordpress has a competition for you to become selected as part of their freshly pressed – I might have encouraged them on that …..

I know they would never admit it.

And then the hard part, you have to write a lot. You must create content. You can cheat and use photos.

Photos and illustrations have always been a part of books, so why can’t they be a part of blogging?

Then comes the really hard part.

Do not offend the beast that is wordpress – if you do, you will have to do like I am doing and start ALL over on building readership.

They got offended that I was growing my blog the old-fashioned way – and I was SUCCESSFUL.

I was growing readership at a rate of over 100% every 14 days. The problem was, I saw HUGE growth, and then I saw HUGE drops in readership.

How do I maintain the balance between solid growth and not offending the machine?

Let me see if I can grow at around 90% every 3 weeks?



PS: I forgot to mention: You have to study the arts of blogging and writing.

You MUST study.

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