The murder of inocents


If you are easily offended, don’t READ this.

I am a geek, I look at numbers the way artists look at masterpieces:  the image just falls into focus.

More than 10,000 children have been murdered.  And almost that many have been raped.

I knew the Shining Path and other liberal terrorist groups in Columbia were evil.

But, the liberal media does not feel that they are as important as Muslim children killed in Muslim wars of control.

Cheap shot? Only if you can prove me wrong.

Because they do not value Latin American lives, we read almost nothing about the slaughter.  I know, I read a lot, and this is the first time I have read about the slaughter and rape of innocents.  In the past, they have only reported about the occasional child soldiers in this war.  They have written about them choosing the rebels for the glory, money, and fame.

But, now CNN reports?  Tens of thousands.  And they hint they may have exaggerated their numbers.

Then stuff YOUR arrogant elitist prejudice against the Native American, don’t spend ANY money on muslim stories for a year, and spend the money (FOCUS) on the children YOU chose to ignore because of your prejudice!

I warned you not to read if you are easily offended.

I want to jump on a big iron bird and take out some of the terrorists murdering these kids and the cowards supporting the terrorists by not reporting REAL news.

Whew!  I hope I have spurred you to action more than to wasted anger.




Blog on this topic. Increase awareness of this evil. Maybe we can encourage the media to put pressure on this …. And, please pray for the children.

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