They are shooting at Hilary Clinton, again.

Does anyone else see the similarities in the Libyan Embassy crisis and the sniper story in Bosnia?

Hilary has taken responsibility for the Ambassador being assassinated in Libya.

Does anyone see her recent comment that she was “in the fog of war…” as a similar over statement like her sniper claims during the campaign?

Do her words eerily sound like, her telling us she came under sniper fire in Bosnia?

She is probably not the greatest leader.

But, ironically, she made the latest wild claims, because her boss is asleep at the wheel of the White House. Instead of President Obama saying something weeks ago about the assassination of an Ambassador in the Libya we just liberated, the country had to wait for Mrs. Clinton to say something.

I agree with many of my fellow Americans out there:

Hillary was the better choice in 2008.

Even if she magically gets into and out of combat a lot.

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2 Responses to They are shooting at Hilary Clinton, again.

  1. dabneyland says:

    I totally thought the same thing when I read this. I mentally did a “hmmm…” Interesting.

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