A modern woman blogs about her choice to leave main street to become a ‘stay at home’ mother.

Not an easy choice.

But, I talked with women around the world talk about the desire for motherhood versus modernity’s programming women to believe they are just part of the workforce.

what do you think?



A great and radical thing is about to happen in my life… At the end of this week, I will abandon my promising career as a lifelong desk jockey to become a full-time/overtime housewife.  Or stay-at-home mom.  Or domestic engineer.  Or whatever you want to call it.

As I mentioned in my post, “Have Women Got it Wrong? ”, it’s been a source of great internal conflict, having to abandon my young children every morning, and be somewhat on the sidelines in these precious, formative years of their lives.

But now, my husband has become part of that 0.3% reduction in unemployment that’s had everyone hopping, and thus we have the opportunity to untie the rather grotesque knot that’s been created by two years of us being “modern” in our role reversals.  Neither of us were truly happy in those roles; our minds were open, but our hearts and…

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