Hugh Ash wrote the UN a debacle, what are your thoughts?

And what are your thoughts?

Is the UN a debacle? That is what Hugh Ash tells us in his blog? Read what he said, and tell me if you agree or disagree?



If most folk were asked to name a list of the world’s most influential statesmen, Recep Erdogan’s would hardly trip off the tongue.

Yet, as boss of the religiously orthodox AK Justice & Development Party and Turkish Prime Minister for nine years, he heads one of the world’s few, fully-fledged Islamic democracies (and a NATO member), so his is a siren voice worth listening to every once in a while.

Erdogan’s had his moments of controversy, notably refusing to fess up to Turkey’s genocide of a million Armenians in 1915. And his backing of the misnamed ‘Peace Flotillas’, crewed by the usual, useful idiots – which tried to breach Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza, in situ to stop Iranian munitions reaching the Hamas terrorist-run enclave – went down like a manky kebab with most of his Western friends.

Nonetheless, following Turkey’s long experience of Ottoman Empire in the Middle East…

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