Here is a good, and entertaining, blog on all of the waste our society ignores while we claim we are saving the world.

I liked it, and I hope you do as well.


What the Ducks!

Is it just my life or does everything require a plug anymore?  Are there no transactions between humans that aren’t electronically negotiated?  We can argue about the emotional ramifications and the privacy implications and many do* but my question du jour is: What in the ducks does all this cost?  Every rechargeable device, every plug-in, every screen both ultra-wide and handheld small—they all draw on the grid.  And, unless we go total hamster and self-charge our TVs with treadmills mounted on dynamos**,  we’re all using energy.  Lots of it.  By replacing boring old passive materials with interactive, multi-sensory, energetic versions, we could be getting more efficient (maybe), more accountable (some cases) and easier (often) but the conversion is not cheap.  More and more, I’m thinking, turning stuff into e-stuff is not the most sustainable way to go.

This idea has been nagging me for a while but another piece…

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