BBC re-writes history.

I read an over the top piece of propaganda today on BBC (IMHO).

Personally, I do not think China is as bad as shown in some media reports. But, the author of this piece (and editors) present China as almost never aggressive during their history.

Mao alone killed more than Stalin and Hitler (If my memory serves me correctly).

Below you will read my response which I sent to the BBC.

I have never read such evident propaganda.

Ignoring Mao killing more Chinese in peace time than Japan did during WW2 (*); ignoring the countless Khans and their westward destruction of cultures; ignoring China’s occupation of Korea for centuries; ignoring the Emperor hiring Marco Polo to examine a sea route for invasion of India (**); ignoring the 2,000 history of war within China (***); ignoring the repeated incursions into Indian territories; discounting the occupation of Tibet; and

Ignoring the Korean war and the Vietnam war ….

I cannot believe your author would ignore the

CURRENT and very hotly disputed territories which China is currently trying to occupy beaches in the Philippines and Vietnam.

And off the top of my head, I almost forgot how many times I have read the news reports about countries not liking China stealing their resources …. Brazil and Australia being just two.

And that was off the top of my head.

Imagine if I was able to write for BBC?

WOW! I could write a NEW history. WAIT!

Did Orwell mention the BBC in his book?


PS. You may find a copy of this at my blog:

* I am not happy about what the Japanese did to the Chinese, I am merely pointing towards the evil of Japan being smaller than the kindness of Mao – the irony.

** Yes, Marco Polo and his expedition were not entirely military, but it would seem the Emperor of China had more than peaceful agendas as he married into Iran’s dynasty.

*** Yes, I noted the inclusion of a couple centuries of war, but the scale included was MUCH SMALLER than the reality of history.

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