Can you walk away from love?


I just had a rather long comment discussion with another blogger.

I was one of the very few who did not agree with her premise that after a certain point, love is not worth the effort, and you burn the bridge.

I actually have ‘burned’ a bridge. OK, I nuked it more than I burned it.

But, I really do not believe that love is something you just burn the bridge over. I still regret what I said all those years ago. And if I could take them back and erase them, I would. But, I cannot.

So, do you truly burn the bridge if you truly love?

What do you think?

Is love something you can ever walk away from?


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8 Responses to Can you walk away from love?

  1. fahadwrites says:

    So u r a female ghost

  2. Áine Warren says:

    Well, as someone who got back together with my ex nearly three months ago after 2 years of separation, I don’t think you can burn that bridge, no. Maybe some people can – and maybe sometimes it just wasn’t as strong a love as you thought it was at the time. But for me, it never really goes away. Even if you walk away from the relationship because things are too hard.

    I have found that the people I have had relationships with seem to feel similarly – I recently had a conversation with someone I hadn’t seen in 6 years, but he was still cut up about how things ended between us, and we ended up having a long conversation about it. But then, maybe I just attract people who are intense about love, like me!

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