Did Orwell predict modern News?


I just read an article on the BBC site.


Yes, I will blog about it next, and my response to it.

However, firstly, is our modern ‘Media’ the disinformation agency Orwell predicted in his book 1984?

Honestly? How many times can reporters REWRITE history?

Does anyone else get tired of people (especially reporters and politicians) re-writing history to fit their agenda?


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2 Responses to Did Orwell predict modern News?

  1. Spawned by the advent of the 24/7 news channels, today’s journalists are in a mad scramble to fill up those 24/7 hours with “news”. This has led to the notion that the purpose of journalism is to create, rather than report news. There are very few true journalists remaining.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting!

      I agree that there are very few journalists. However, I think that there is more than enough ‘News.’

      We are just being fed more propaganda than ‘News.’

      Would you agree with that? Or would you disagree?


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