An experience ….


There are painful experiences we journey through. Sometimes, we regret them, sometimes we do not, and other times we should regret, yet we do not regret.

Our fellow blogger may or may not need your encouragement, but she has written about a painful experience in her past. And in her ‘present’ she is dealing with issues related to her past experience.

Read. Ponder. And decide what you wold do before you ‘jump.’

Always your


One Suburban Chic

I have been going back and forth on when I should share this.  When I started my blog, I had no doubt I would eventually share it.  In part, I have been going through a healing process the past few months and I feel this is a step towards true healing. But, most importantly, I wanted to reach out to anyone who might be going through the same thing.

Note: I will probably end up deleting this post eventually, this sensitive subject is highly confidential personally.  But something inside me is saying that someone needs to hear this.

The year 2004, was a blur. I was a single mother, just coming out of a divorce.  A young-minded 25-year-old, I felt like I was invincible.  I was on a Divorcee Honeymoon.  Having fun was my life’s goal.  Last month, 8 years ago, we had just been through 3 of 4 hurricanes. …

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