The final Presidential debate.

Whew! Friends, Arielle brought up some great questions about the debate.

Here is what I responded on Arielle’s blog:

Congratulations. A well-chosen topic. And a well deserved pressing.

We may have to agree to disagree somewhat ….

So far the debate has been a 1-1-0 campaign.

Romney won the first debate, and the moderator won the second one.

Will Candidate Obama show up for the final debate?

I really do not like Romney. He is a Mormon. And I know that he has some strange beliefs because of that. I would like to vote for Obama.

But, democrats have taken away my ability to vote – that is for another blog.

Will Candidate Obama be honest about his mideast political failures? If he is, he will be trounced.

Do you think he will admit he sent combat soldiers back into Iraq? After his grand celebration of pulling them out?

Do you think he will admit sending in combat troops into Libya?

Will he admit to spending hundreds of millions of US dollars to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt and bring in his friends the Muslim Brotherhood? You know that group? If you and I give ONE dollar to the Muslim Brotherhood, we go to jail for supporting terrorists …. Yeah, that group.

So why did he give them millions?

Will he admit he has not pulled our soldiers out of Afghanistan like he promised?

Will he admit his economic policies sent gasoline prices through the roof? QE1, QE2, & QE3.

Will he admit that had he worked on getting Americans back to work instead of his golf swing, he would be winning the election?

Will he admit to his failed drug war in Mexico?

Will he admit to taking a trillion dollars from Senior Citizens? Medicare.

Will he admit to his death quotas in the Veterans Affairs hospitals? I have been ‘advised.’ I refuse to sign. But, I have been asked many times to sign ….

Will he admit to paying off the rich elite: Soros; Buffet; Gates; & Union bosses?

Will he admit his financial chief was part of the bank collapse, and he DOES NOT pay his taxes unless forced to? Geithner.

OK, he forced combat soldiers to sleep with gay soldiers …. Are you really sure that is a good thing?

Combat soldiers are certain it is not ….

So, what has he done.

Not lately, what has he done to be proud of?

I have to pay for doctors out of my own pocket, because doctors are no longer taking medicare ….

He has cost me a lot of money, and he wants more of my money ….

Again I do not like Romney, and I cannot vote this year. But, what choices are there?

Do we disagree a little? If so, can we agree to disagree? Let us try to fix America.


Enjoy. Read. Decide if I was totally wrong, mostly right, or completely right.


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