Guess what is for DINNER?


You won’t believe what I had for dinner?

Did you guess PIZZA?  Or, did you cheat and read it on the box?

Guess what I had for dinner last night?

YES, it is an Enchirito …. a burrito covered in enchilada sauce.  I cheated, I used a Ukrainian flour tortilla.  And except for being a little sweeter than we are used to, it is just a lot bigger.  As you can tell from it spread out on my Caphalon double burner griddle from Williams Sonoma (I do not get money from either company, but if they would like to send some, I am agreeable).

The Williams Sonoma I bought this at is at North Star Mall in San Antonio.  It is just minutes from the airport.  And the manager even ran the two boxes out to my car for me!


The food here is GREAT!  But, you do want to bring some specialty foods.  I will blog on those soon.


the ghost.

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