wordpress is SO SLOW today.


Just so you know, posting and updating today is SLOW.

I just clicked and waited a minute for an update.

BUT, in their slowness they must have made something work better. My previous update showed 12 views today. Uh …. that was merely minutes before the really slow one. The slow one updated views to 24, then 25 ….

ROFL. I will have to reblog some of the really great blog posts from my old blog. Just to show you I have complained to them about their ‘FEATURES’ for some time now ….

Oh well, let me post and see if it gets to the internet.

Thank you!


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One Response to wordpress is SO SLOW today.

  1. Hahaha. So, this blog …. posted even slower. And the first attempt to post, would NOT even post ….

    Ahhh, I love to HATE wordpress.


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