Can we save ‘freedom of the press?’


First, I should note the truth behind ‘freedom of the press.’

It was not about ‘free speech,’ ‘pornography,’ or any other form of getting rich off of other sick people.

‘Freedom of the Press’ is the second part of the Freedom of Religion Amendment to the US Constitution.

The purpose was to prevent angry people from burning businesses which sold religious materials.

Now we have cottage industries protected, even if they attack Religion.

I think that to have ‘freedom of the press,’ we must first decide why freedom of the press excuses angry attitudes towards Religion. How can one freedom encourage discrimination against another freedom?

That contradiction makes our current discussion about homosexual marriage a dangerous discussion. Because, it raises up a new freedom at the expense of a traditional, and historic freedom.

Back to the press itself.

One of the greatest problems today with freedom of the press, is simple: many people have moved into the media industry so they can convince other people to believe like they do.

Or, said differently, freedom of the press is used to indoctrinate people through the use of widespread propaganda.

I do believe we can save freedom of the press. But, in order to do so, we need to find a true professional standard which does not allow a group of elitists to program the rest of us to believe in certain ways.


What do you think?


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