Crooked elections


Have you noticed how crooked elections have become? How crooked politics are?

I live part-time in Ukraine.

You know the country and about ‘our crooked politics.’

Yulia Tymoschenko is the blonde beauty who is now in jail. The current administration accuses her of corruption during her term in office.

Copyright at wiki.

Reminds me of Obama and Bush. Except the Biden Obama dynasty failed to imprison Bush or close Guantanamo. And hundreds of other promises just like their predecessor.

Now to be fair to Yulia, it does appear she is being rail roaded ….

BUT, America & the European Union have threatened sanctions against Ukraine if they do not release Yulia.

Yulia was tried in court; she was represented by lawyers; and she was found guilty.

BUT, THE ELITE are afraid they will be subjected to the same standards Yulia was held to.


Not that I trust our courts.

But, isn’t it ironic that we are supposed to trust our politicians, but when they are found guilty, we are supposed to release them?

Isn’t that what totalitarian countries do? Hold the people to one standard and the elite to a different standard?

So, are elections of the elite fair in any country?


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