Would you ever kill someone?


I find it interesting when someone freaks out over guns.

Yes, I am writing this about YOU.

A friend of mine and I went with his wife to a gun store.

A FUN and great experience here in the wild wild west of Ukraine. I actually thought you COULD NOT own a gun here. His wife pointed to a fairly standard .380 semi automatic, and said, “That is my size.”

My friend really seemed creep-ed out we would be in a gun store.

I just blogged on the nanny who killed the two kids. And of course, the mother coming home to find the kids dying …. and the nanny attempting to kill herself …. as the kids lay dying in a bathtub.

I am gonna be blunt.

If you cannot imagine being able to get scared, and angry, enough to kill someone then if you ever face that moment, the bad person will WIN.

So, would you agree the question is, and the title of this blog should be: “Would you ever let the bad person win?”

So, would you let the bad person kill your family and you?


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2 Responses to Would you ever kill someone?

  1. Erin Terese says:


    I think it is completely natural to be freaked out by guns. The same way you may be freaked out about the idea of being on a boat in the middle of the ocean or skydiving from a plane – what may be a hobby for some, is also extremely powerful and has the ability to quickly take your life. I have shot guns before and while there is a rush and I can see why people might enjoy owning an operating one, it simply isn’t for me. I choose not to own and operate one for pleasure – for me I only see it as a weapon and my mind will not be swayed from that idea. It is far too humbling for me to use it for sport.

    That being said, I would 100% kill someone if I had to. I would never premeditate a murder since I am rational enough to find another solution. But life is crazy and if someone were to try and kill my friend or family member in front of me, I would absolutely jump in. I have stepped in the middle of a fist fight between two large men before. When it come to “fight or flight”, you will see me fight. For myself, I am less protective. But for my loved ones, I will jump to their defense without thought.

    The idea of guns still freaks me out. I hope to never be put in a situation where I would use one to harm someone.

    I am not sure who you were aiming your question at, but I do not think it is irrational to be freaked out by guns. I for one wish they freaked more people out.


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