Obama and Benghazi ….

Friends and everyone else,

I am writing a blog on Obama’s response to the Benghazi attack. I hope I am asking you to think.

As I pierce the smoke to take you to the scene, that horrid scene of the crime; I want you to think. Be open.

With the smoke from the fires, the gun smoke all around, screams, flashes of light into the night, the courage of the few, and the fear of the many; I want you to think.

Blood, gore, and death swirled around that night. The scene was as crazy as any war movie you have ever seen. And it was scarier than any horror movie ever filmed.

That was the scene witnessed by many in Washington DC that night.

You know, that top-secret ‘briefing’ kind of movie. Like the one they have the picture of the President and everyone watching when the ‘operators’ took out Bin Laden ….

Except this time, our ‘operators’ were not sent in. Well, kind of sorta, almost. Some response was sent in, a little too late, and too far away.

I am working on it. It will take some time, because I realize that the President summed up what happened in one phrase.

“Fog of War.”

I will blog a fictional story based upon this incident; and then I will blog an intelligence summary of what happened – at the top.



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