Bierstadt brought up some great questions.

I suggest you read the blog.

Why is it Assad kills thousands and we must invade his country. Didn’t Hussein kill millions, and we are told we should have learned our lesson and not invade countries to eliminate dictators?


Why did we invade Egypt, Libya, and Syria?

And USAID wants you to believe we do not “have boots on the ground …. ”

OOOOppps. Government leaches don’t like it when a Citizen speaks …. do they?

Do, you really think a group of terrorists were able to SNEAK INTO ASSAD’S inner circle and assassinate three of his leaders. In a security building? They design those to try to keep out US penetrator bombs ….


Outside help? US, Israel, Germany? China?

Who knows. But, I really doubt that ‘freedom fighters’ came from Iraq and helped do that.

If those ‘freedom fighters’ were doing the same level of strikes in Baghdad, our ‘green zone’ would have a lot of bodies – don’t you think?

SO? Should we ever involve ourselves in removing foreign governments?

Or, should we just remove our corrupt politicians?



When this past summer began, it seemed only a matter of time before the repressive Syrian regime fell and was replaced by a diverse assortment of disorganized but enthusiastic Syrian rebels in a democracy. Since then, the situation has deteriorated. Syria’s rebels, with minimal aid from the international community, have instead accepted the arrival of extreme Islamists carrying the experience, weapons, and tactics of a decade of insurgency against America and allied nations. This will certainly bolster the fight against Bashar al-Assad, but it will not bring victory to the people.

There was a time when we would commit to a foreign intervention without a realistic understanding of the consequences, simply because it seemed right to do so and it could lead to a better future. That was Iraq. We don’t do that anymore. So let us look at what would happen if action were taken in Syria.

Who are the rebels?…

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