Friends and enemies,

You need to read this blog. It has a great theme.

And it is about Zombies and debt.

And how do the two intertwine you ask?

Well, read the blog.


But, there are some striking similarities between the debt and Zombie issue we should point out.

They are both recent enemies. In the past, Zombies were good horror stories to read. And debt? It was something you used in moderation like a pain pill.

Now, both are consuming every thing around them.


Hollywood progressives are taking over the world.

So, they use fear to accomplish their goals. Fear of the debt collector, fear of grandma becoming a Zombie and YOU WOULD shoot grandma to save your self, right?

They are both loved by politicians.

They both remind me why I hate politicians.

Help me out?

What else do they have in common?


Losing My Cents

It was a weekend of unrelated activities for me.  I got home from my grandmother’s house on Saturday afternoon, went to a Haunted House on Saturday night that was put on by the local fire department & could give professional Haunted Houses a run for their money, watched fairy tales and zombies yesterday, and went back to work today.

Actually, now that I write it out like that, I do see a common thread of zombie.  Except for my grandmother- she’s not a zombie.  (She’d be an excellent zombie-slayer, however, but that’s another blog post.)  But otherwise- zombies at a Haunted House, zombies on the TV, zombies at work (I assume because it’s Monday. Working from home makes it difficult to judge my coworkers’ state of alertness), I think I even discussed zombies at church, which isn’t as weird as it sounds, considering The Walking Dead crew rented our…

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