Hurricanes and politicians ….

Friends & even few enemies,

Politically, there are many hot topics politicians use to dominate the people.

The elite, especially the intelligentsia, control using fear. But, they reward through lies and statistics.

So, in America, where our people on public assistance are richer than 96% of the world, we are told they are the poorest of the poor.

The same is true of hurricanes. NOTE: (*)

I have compared a little known hurricane with several of the ‘biggest’ in history. I keep coming back with the SAME analysis.

[NOTE: I re-read the upgrade analysis of Andrew. The recurring theme was “We need to increase this storm’s strength, or insurance companies will charge more for insurance. In other words, if we measure Andrew like the other Cat 4’s which have hit Miami in the last 70 years, insurance companies will need to up their rates. BUT, if we measure it as a much stronger storm, then there are only 2 of those every 100 years instead of one every 7 to 10 years …. ]

The ‘little’ un-known hurricane (Beulah) reached the same intensity, or greater, as Andrew. Andrew has been upgraded several times to make it more ‘intense.’ A hurricane is always intense, NO hurricane needs an ‘upgrade.’ NOTE: Beulah would be the fourth most intense hurricane measured last century ….

But, what is interesting is comparing the data. Beulah reached the SAME intensity as Andrew. Andrew is classed as a Cat 5, and Beulah is ‘classed’ as a middle of the road Class 3.

What does this really mean?


Here is NOAA’s listing.

OK, Andrew was UP-graded based upon ‘un-official reports.’

BECAUSE, their reports are wordy, and BORING, I will give you a quick run-down.

“More than 10 yr [sic] later, the region still feels the effects from this hurricane.” Because, it only flattened 90% of the mobile homes, we need to ‘UP-GRADE’ this hurricane.

And: BASED ON Five Days of hurricane strength while the hurricane was at sea, we BELIEVE we ‘under-estimated’ Andrew’s strength …. NOTE: I placed emphasis upon these statements using italics. They are not quotes. But, they represent what was really said in the report.

OK, THEY MEASURE THE STRENGTH OF A HURRICANE IN REAL-TIME. They have been doing that in almost real-time since the 1950’s. By the 1980’s we had moved to REAL-TIME measurements. Satellite measurements are NOT as accurate (they don’t see through clouds well enough). But, Andrew was followed and analyzed in REAL-TIME.

Beulah was almost real-time.

An amateur weather recorder recorded an anomalous recording of significant intensity for Andrew. That means, one unusual and strong recording was made. Based on that, and one other unusual recording, Andrew was UPGRADED.

So, let us compare.

The measurement was made at the most intense part of Hurricane Andrew immediately after land-fall of the ‘eye.’ The measurement led to increasing Andrew’s Category from 4 to 5.

The measurement used to ‘down-grade’ Hurricane Beulah was measured on the south-eastern edge of the ‘eye.’ This is the weakest area of the storm. The measurement was made 10 to 15 miles FROM LANDFALL.

BUT, the strengths of the eye-walls were almost exactly the same (3 hundredths of an inch difference). Atmospheric pressure is the usual standard to measure hurricanes. Ironically, Beulah is officially within 0.03 inches of Andrew, but you won’t find that data normally published ….

Remember I wrote that we measured Andrew in REAL TIME. CHECK THIS MPG OUT! Click and, once it loads, enjoy.

OK, the north side of the loop is Miami – dead center. The north side would be about where Beulah hit South Padre Island. And the south side of the loop would be about where Beulah hit northern Mexico. Click here for the trackable map I found of Beulah.

Comparable intensities, sizes, but nothing compared on damages. Beulah hit a well-prepared population which expected a real hurricane. Andrew hit a mostly unprepared population which was very surprised by the damage.


Miami did not sustain the HUGE damage I would expect from a Cat 5 at landfall …. Homestead, Florida sustained the damage I would expect from a Cat 3. Homestead was about the same location to Andrew that Brownsville, Texas was to Beulah. Homestead, Florida was flattened. Brownsville was not.

Not because the storms were different intensities. Both were storms were on the Category 4/5 boundary line as they made landfall. Both towns were in about the same location for winds and the path of the eye.

The difference is simple, Brownsville was not a town of mostly trailers, and substandard houses.


Miami is sheltered from the storm…. ALMOST all storms on record had hit CUBA before they hit Miami. A Cat 3 storm is the most anyone expected. A true Cat 4 was NOT expected. So, politicians looked the other way as substandard housing was built.

Miami had better built housing and took the stronger side of the hurricane. They had MUCH less damage.

POLITICS is the leading edge of STUPID.

HOW can politicians tax us at 60% true tax rates, yet let people build in substandard conditions and places? Katrina did the same thing.

They do it, because it gets them elected, and they get rich.

They down graded Beulah, because Brownsville is mostly ‘Mexican.’ And it was a town of only 60,000 people. But, they upgraded Andrew, because there is a lot of money in Miami.

Can you imagine telling people the whole truth?

“Well, you see, Andrew was not that big of a storm, and we are sorry we let you live in such substandard housing. We are sorry we let you think you were safe from a real hurricane.

OOOpps. Sorry.


How do you think the truth would really go over?

The Democrats and Republicans can afford to lose a few thousand ‘Mexican’ votes. They cannot afford to lose the Hollywood connected Miami vote ….


What do you think?


NOTE: (*) As I re-read the reports on Andrew, I actually was FASCINATED.

HOW & WHY do we pay idiots so MUCH MONEY to produce such garbage reports? What we think is the ‘official’ measurement of atmospheric pressure for Andrew was an ESTIMATE. The OFFICIAL measurement (another guess, but this one was a consensus) was MUCH HIGHER. If that was true, Andrew was a MUCH weaker storm than Beulah. And I do mean MUCH.

ACTUALLY, using the OFFICIAL numbers, Andrew tied for 10th place. But, using the official numbers, Beulah would move to third place. That would make Andrew tied for tenth place.

So, I was as fascinated as I was sickened. Why do ‘poor Mexican-Americans’ get treated badly, but rich Cuban-Americans get treated with so much political greed?

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