Kidnapping children …. and other heinous things ….

Friends & enemies,

I am a unique person.

Here is the article that sparked this blog:  Daily Mail – Kidnapped Girl.

And a shout out to Purnimodo. She is the blogger who brought this to my attention.

I am blonde and blue-eyed. When I was growing up, I spent quite a bit of time in Mexico.

The reason for the outrage was not expressed in the story. And it is not common knowledge. The reason for the outrage is one of those stories which hang around campfires and scare children.

Like the Chupacabra.

NO! Not the ‘modern’ one, the real Chupacabra

When Cortez visited Mexico, yes ignorant people call it an invasion, he found a very mature Religion. He landed with around 200 soldiers, he burned his ships.

When the Aztecs (Actually the Mexica culture). Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find real information on the internet?

Check out: Here you will find the name of the tribe was “Tenochca”. And that sounds right. But, that is from my memory. Their web page likes to jump to their home page …. Just so you know.

What is seldom pointed out is the true history of the Tenochca. The were the last of the Mexica to arrive near Lake Texcoco. Their history before is unknown. They were the BOTTOM slave class. They found refuge in the swampy area of the lake. The began building up an island area.

And then it all changed.

The virgin princess of the dominant tribe wanted to join their religion. Her father said ‘yes.’

Remember, I am trying to explain my childhood and this child in Guadalajara.

The King goes to the ceremony. He realized the High Priest was wearing a human skin. Then he realized the skin used to belong to his child, his daughter.

You could say he had a nervous breakdown.

The Tenochca rapidly dominated the other tribes, everyone kinda FEARED them. They celebrated the warrior dying in combat. They celebrated women giving birth the first time, especially to boys. And they celebrated their ‘god’ quetzalcoatl.

When Cortez arrived with his small band, the Tenochca (Aztec) had allowed them to keep their guns and horses. BECAUSE, the Mexica culture believed Quetzalcoatl would return as a blue-eyed man. And HE would want to return to the after-life, heaven.

The only way to get there was to VOLUNTARILY submit to human sacrifice – like the virgin princess. She was about 100 years before Cortez.

As the sacrifices began, the priests sacrificed thousands of ‘willing’ participants. Some argue today about the number of thousands. But, the historical number was given as 15,000 ….

Cortez and his men did not take this very well. They stormed the ‘castle’ took Moctezuma hostage, the ‘Aztec empire’ fell apart.

I am trying to get back to OUR story.

You see. Blue eyes and blonde hair had a SIGNIFICANCE in the Nahua culture (the descendants of the Mexica culture.) A HUGE SIGNIFICANCE.

From the Mexica sacrifices (Aztec), there came the mythical absorption of soul, spirit, and power from the deceased into the ‘priest,’ or executioner. This then melded with Catholicism and later African and other tribal influences.

You come down to MODERN Mexico.

Mark Kilroy.

The Matamoros Murders.


When I was a child, maybe 10 or 12 years old, a witch tried to seize my soul. IN MATAMOROS. So, I DO GET the significance of all this.

The witch grabbed me, and I told her in Spanish to “Get away from me witch.”

She pulled.

I repeated, and added, “In the name of JesusCristo.”

She looked at me funny, with big wild eyes.

One more time, “En el nombre del Jesuscristo, VETE!” “In the name of Jesus Christ, GO!”

She let go and scurried about 25 to 30 feet and looked back at me.

“You do know him.” She called to her deity. “You do know HIM.”

She began to shake. Then she turned and ran.

OK, why do officials worry about a blonde child being stolen in MEXICO?


People are stolen, and they are sacrificed. Unfortunately, the only kidnappings which get noticed are ‘Güeros’ like me. Primarily because they are more likely to end up in Satanic (Santeria) rituals.

Scary? Should be.


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3 Responses to Kidnapping children …. and other heinous things ….

  1. Purnimodo says:

    Dear Ghost, what you just wrote is very spirited and takes away some of the phantasms journalists tend to portray. However it’s not entirely an apparition. Sometimes everyday seems like a day of the dead when you read the horror stories but when you take it beyond the Mexican context other questionable situations arise. The editors of the daily mail for example did not bother to pixelate the faces of the brown eyed children. A minor fact that not just vanishes away and lingers somewhere in all our minds. It’s a big grey zone and it’s this grey zone that makes it interesting.

    I don’t mind this young girl getting the coverage she’s getting (and bless the person that went to the police) because no blue-eyed or brown-eyed five year old should be begging in the streets. It’s a striking picture that speaks a million words.

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