WOW …. Friends, I am trying to remain calm and peaceful …. but, this story is a lie ….

And wordpress is not doing its job tonight with formatting …. sorry about the block text ….

There are so many holes in this story, I cannot believe CNN would consider posting it.

Much less post it.

The FIRST call for help was not on a land line, it was the sound of gunfire. There is no doubt in my mind that the CIA (former special operators) knew exactly where the gunfire was, and that it was directed against US personnel.

The 25 minute time line listed in the article is SMOKE to cover someone’s trail. (*)

That is why the SOURCE IS ANONYMOUS. A story of this magnitude is NOT ANONYMOUS.

TYRONE WOODS and others died. They have names. Any COWARD in DC can put their name on the story, OR SHUT UP.

Let me step you through this fake story:

A Senior Intell Official – no name? not a real source. The chain of command is keeping plausible deniability in play.

The official was not CIA, but claimed he knew the orders given to CIA personnel on the ground. The only people outside of the CIA with that access were in the White House ….

There were no orders to anybody …. no one can safely say that …. unless they listened to a lot of tapes ….

And then it goes on …. 7 hours to respond?

It took local military 7 hours to respond?

And they are supposed to be our friends?

And this article sums it all up excellently.

Not only does that article sum it up well, it asks (and answers) several questions I raised about the CNN article. I recommend it highly.

(*) Note: the article discusses the time line. And it points out the VERY obvious. The operators inside the ANNEX knew the other building was under attack and pointed that out to their superiors on site. Consistent with that, would be the site commander telling them to ‘WAIT for orders.’

Politicians will then say, “No one ordered them to stand down.”

Correct, they were ordered to wait …. And the went anyway ….

And RECENT article from CBS contradicts CNN ….

Why is CNN asleep?


CNN Security Clearance

From Suzanne Kelly

A senior U.S. intelligence official emphatically denied that the CIA refused repeated requests from its officers on the ground in Benghazi, Libya, to assist the Americans under attack at the U.S. mission there.

Just five days before the presidential election and in a rare briefing to reporters, the official Thursday offered almost a minute-by-minute account of what happened that night.

According to a Fox News report last Friday, citing an unnamed source, CIA officers working at an annex about a mile from the mission were told by officials in the CIA chain of command to “stand down” after receiving a call from the mission asking for help.

“There were no orders to anybody to stand down in providing support,” the senior intelligence official said, offering a passionate defense of the actions taken by the CIA officers on the ground during the September 11 attack that killed Ambassador…

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