American lost fewer jobs than expected.


I noticed Twitter feeds saying America “added” jobs.  But, the unemployment went back up (and that is 8 points below the REAL unemployment and 7 points below Black unemployment).

Unemployment going up means we LOST jobs.

NOTE to SELF:  Why are the elite bragging about their fellow Americans suffering?

When, WHEN? will our leaders begin to suffer with U.S.  We the people make up the U.S., and they keep forgetting US.

But, they bail out Wall Street, and hire the idiots who lied us into the crash.  And they did not Court-Martial and execute the Congressmen who MADE the laws forcing the whole thing upon US.

They golf, party, and get re-elected while we lose our homes, our families, and they tell us we are doing great.

Well?  Compared to the rest of the World, ‘we’ are doing great.  But, it is difficult to feel you are doing great when you lose your home, your car, your family, even your iPhone ….

All because our politicians are as INCOMPETENT as our News Media.


What is your opinion?  Is unemployment really LOW?


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