Do you dream? Technicolor? Black & white?


What dreams I had last night.

I dreamt I was back in the US Army.

And there was Captain Heiney (name changed to protect the guilty).

And there were some great soldiers.  I often pray the rest are safe.

But, Heiney?  OK, this blog is not about the idiot.

This is about dreaming.

Do you notice how a dream can make you sweat?  Fear?  Love?

A dream can be easy, sometimes calming.  But, it can also shake up your world.

Personally?  I get all KINDS of dreams.  Color.  Black and White.  Sepia tone (very seldom, but a nice change).

Epic.  Yes some of my dreams are truly epic.  Think:  2001: A space odyssey meets Love story meets Clint Eastwood.

Yes, some dreams “make my day.”  Not all are shoot outs.

But, last night was SO real.  Actually it was last night, but it was our morning.  About 11 AM.

I re-joined the Army.

Why?  Not really sure of that.

But, I felt re-vitalized.  I felt a purpose greater than myself.

When I awoke, I felt much better than just an hour before.

Do your dreams make you feel better, or worse?


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2 Responses to Do you dream? Technicolor? Black & white?

  1. Rahul says:

    Lol I have never dreamt in black and white.
    One of the oft repeated dreams is of cycling on a sandy plain and suddenly discovering that its a steep fall. And i fall down, still pedaling furiously, into the blue waters beneath…
    Its then that I wake up and start studying.
    Maybe the dream about a fall is symbolic of failing in exams 😀

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