The best, horrid, metaphor for how to speak well. Like my aunt ‘Peg’ used to say, “You ain’t done done THAT have you?”

Yes, he did. He went there.

And I will point out the most glaring example of HORRID in this story.

All the smart, elite, hollywood wannabes forget one simple thing.

Bush was an Ivy League Elite.

I am NOT certain this author forgot that. He doesn’t say one way or the other.


And Bush put on one of the best acts of misunderstatability of the last thousand years.

When America was HIT and everyone was screaming “Why is he still talking to those kids,” Bush was putting together a simple and powerful speech for the masses.

It is not about politics stupid, it is about the PEOPLE.

But, ALWAYS remember, you can never get the elite to do anything they did not think of …. that is why THEY liked Gore and hated Bush.

Gore used their talking points. Bush came up with new talking points which resonated with simpler people.

There are MORE of us than there are Ivy Elitists.

What do you think?


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