Self-defense, what is it good for?


I am writing a series upon self-defense.  Especially why it is so important in the year 2012 and beyond to think about YOUR personal security.

Just so you know.  In 99% of the time a gun is used in self-defense, the gun is not fired.

Remember that when progressives try to take your right to defend yourself FROM YOU.


ALMOST ALL CASES OF USING A GUN IN SELF DEFENSE ARE BECAUSE THE COPS ARE NOT THERE YET …. Almost 100% …. Maybe 100% … And 99% of the time, the gun is NOT USED.

By the way, I will discuss the M1911 more in my series.  And I will discuss my favorite model 1911.  But, so you know my favorite is Ed Brown.  Second favorite is a tie.  Wilson Combat & Kimber & a Springfield R1 Enhanced I wish I had kept.

Then comes S&W.  In three calibers, and three frames.  .40 S&W Semi.  .44 mag, 6 inch.  .357 2 inch.

To get to these, I had to get past my BUG (Backup Gun) a cheap, but great, Bersa .45.

And one last thought as I leave for the night.

You have a greater chance of dying a violent death in the USA than you do in the United States of Mexico.  Even with a DRUG WAR, the violent death rate is lower in Mexico.

Self defense, what is it good for?

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