Does anyone else feel that it is sad ….

When Time calls higher un-employment “Good Job News?”

Or, have we really forgotten America?


Business & Money

If there’s one thing that Americans for Prosperity won’t tolerate, it’s prosperity.

That was the message from the group’s leader following this morning’s economic news: a better-than-expected employment report, and the upward revision of figures for the prior two months. “Reckless spending, higher debt, and ever-higher taxes are not helping Americans get back to work,” roared Tim Phillips, president of AFP.

That would be news, of course, to the 171,000 people who started picking up paychecks last month. But the AFP, which is an anti-Obama — to say the least — antigovernment, Ayn Rand/Friedrich Hayek-flavored advocacy group, is having none of it. This job growth is bad because it’s not their kind of job growth, even though it is: All of the growth came from the private sector; governments shed jobs.

(MORE: The U.S. Economy Adds 171,000 Jobs in October, but Challenges Remain)

The Chamber of Commerce, which represents the nation’s employers…

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