Can America afford four more years?


I corresponded with a friend on Facebook.

He felt that the Obama Administration was doing me a favor by pointing out ‘White Supremacists wanted me to become a terrorist.’

WOW! This Administration spends billions on the islamic brotherhood so they can kill tens of thousands and torch hundreds of churches.

AND it is OK to call be a ‘potential terrorist’ because I am white and a veteran.

I think Blogs for Victory raise the same kinds of questions.

Why? Does the Main Stream Media say that everything is in Obama’s favor when the economy is TERRIBLE.

Black Unemployment is Great DEPRESSION levels.

Total Unemployment is almost Great Depression levels.

Don’t blame Obama, I get that. He had a rough 4 years.

But, he focused on Gays in the Foxhole instead of jobs. He glorified the Muslim Brotherhood as he demonized Veterans.

Don’t blame him.

But, please vote away from economic enslavement …..


Blogs For Victory

Yup, the same guy who predicted John Kerry would win in 2004, and said that Bush needed a miracle to win reelection, is saying that Obama wins in handily.

His key arguments for the 11th hour shifts in the battleground states are as follows

  • Hurricane Sandy provided him with a boost.
  • The last jobs report, by not being horrible, was good for him.

Let’s consider these arguments.

I can’t buy the argument that the jobs report, which had the unemployment go up, thus pointing it higher today than it was when Obama took office, was a net positive for Obama. A mixed jobs report isn’t likely to change any minds either way, in my opinion, and hardly changes the fundamentals: There are fewer people employed today than when Obama took office, people are making less money, and more people are on food stamps.

Now, the bigger point: Hurricane Sandy. While one could…

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