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s. asher sund

The magician disappeared from the middle of the crowded room, never to be seen or heard from again. He left only one ice cube on the floor, from the drink in his hand. This was at the after party. After he disappeared, we all went home. The next week, and because we had nothing better to do, we went to the magic show to watch the magician’s principal assistant pull limp flowers from the magician’s old hat. She levitated above a table, although only maybe, if lucky, by an inch. Finally, she invited an audience member to come forward and to the sound of terrible, piercing, cries for mercy from the very box inside which she had locked the volunteer, cut her in half.

The  few recognizable journalists in the crowd were yawning, and the box seats were

emptying out, when the magician’s principal assistant finally asked for a glass of water…

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