Saving America.


How would you save America?  If you were President RIGHT NOW?

If you were a leader in politics?

First answer:  This answer would be counter-intuitive.

I would re-start a new America.  I would take several million patriotic Americans to a new country, and rebuild the American dream in a cost-effective country.

America is too expensive.

And IMHO, America is at great risk of going bankrupt.

Second answer:  OK, but if I was President?  I would do that which needs to be done.  I would put Americans back to work.

Work is missing from ALL the answers given by politicians.  Work was what FDR offered – you do remember the GREAT SOCIALIST that all the Democrats praise?  His answer was NOT WELFARE.  His answer was WORK.  Welfare is economic enslavement.

That is Alinsky’s answer.  And yes, modern Democrats praise him as well.  And unfortunately, modern Democrats only act upon the BAD examples from their past.

When was the last time you heard, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country?” JFK …


“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”  FDR …

Yes, I believe America can be saved.  But, I think it is more work than it is worth.

Honestly?  The same amount of work in China would produce a greener world; move more people out of poverty (if you can afford a cell phone, you are not truly poor); STABILIZE the future world against war; and build a stronger buffer for true democracy.

The same is true of Russia; Brazil; India; and other countries.

So, for the amount of energy it would take to save America from itself and its politics, you could lift more people out of poverty than live in the USA.

What do you think?

Is the ERA of the USA over?


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3 Responses to Saving America.

  1. This is a fascinating subject! Being Canadian, thus removed from the politics of it all, I’d love to speculate a bit.
    You mention WORK, but where does work come from?
    One angle: North America has priced itself out of its own market. People want to pay the Asian labor prices, not the high union wages of “Made in USA” goods. The first thing would be to bring back the manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced. However, given the US trade deficit that now exists, you run the risk that if the US would cut back on importations, certain Asian countries may retaliate and by now they pack a powerful clout.
    Unfortunately we’re somewhat in the same boat. Look in any store and you’ll see “Made in (usually an Asian nation)” stamped on most everything. Sam Wall started out with a great idea of buying from the home folks but at some point Walmart’s policy switched to “The lowest price is the LAW” and that lowest price can only be found overseas.
    The Bible asks the question, “Wherefore do you spend money on that which is not bread?” I believe we need to stop buying cheap junk and purchase less of “Better.” We’ve come to expect cheap goods, easily tossed, so that mindset may be one of the first things that needs to change.
    Purchases from North American manufacturers would stimulate the economy.
    And litigation is a terrific part of the cost in the States. I’ve heard that in Japan for every 100 engineers a company employs they hire one lawyer. In the States it’s the opposite. Someone has to pay for that; US citizens need to get a handle on the fact that all this suing is dragging the whole country down. (And here comes the need for a comprehensive health care package so people don’t need to sue to cover medical costs.)
    Instead Americans tend to expect change from the top down (elect the right President, implement the right government policies) to fix the problems. How much Obama can do –or ever could have done– to fix America is debatable. Whether at this point America is fixable at all is a serious concern.
    America is not “at great risk of going bankrupt.” America IS bankrupt. If overseas investors would pull their money out and take the props away… Sad to say, we’re so connected, we’d likely go down with you.
    My analysis, for what it’s worth. 🙂

    • AWESOME! I love your analysis!

      So, how do we unwrap ourselves from our political obligation to needy unions in order to lower costs and become competitive?

      And of course, the same is true of legal entanglements?


      You will give me great answers!


      • Years ago Time magazine ran an article examining the question, “Can America be good without God?” Now we have to ask, “Can or will Americans surrender self-centered interests for the good of their nation without a major miracle? Can the direction of America be turned around without a Revival?”

        A lot of Christians seem to think this way; I’m not sure that they’re on the right track or only adding to the general melancholy. There seems to be so much dissatisfaction with Obama as if he should have and didn’t and now God help us.

        I read an article once about South Korean workers and their vision about working for the collective good of the country. Even though Christianity isn’t a big factor there, the people recognize that as each one does his or her individual job as best they could, the whole country prospers.

        This is the vision North American needs, but our society has been permeated with glorification of self for so long–the “it’s all about ME” mentality–that I’m not sure what it would take to change that. People are so into “how I feel” which leads to substance abuse –US money going to Asian war lords– and teen suicides –lost potential for future prosperity of the country. US lawyer Clarence Darrow led North American into an “it’s never my fault” mentality that has sidetracked us all big time. Now how do you get people to take responsibility for their country?

        Will propaganda do the trick? I wonder if this BIG PICTURE can be turned around without it getting so bad, so obviously headed for major disaster, that everyone in N A will have to wake up and smell the coffee.

        Unions aren’t as much of a problem as the corruption that exists therein, the Mafia tentacles pulling strings. My husband worked in QC in an auto parts plant for 15 years — a branch plant of an American company, and he began to see that management was as much a problem as unions. When Obama bailed out GM for example: GM has been paying out terrific pensions to their execs and the whole thing got so top-heavy the company went under. Another angle has been the poor quality control over here that has made Asian imports the better buy.

        I could go on, but I won’t. Financial recovery would take a readjustment of North American vision, but who can deliver the glasses we need to see the big picture clearly –or make us put them on? Folks are unhappy that Obama hasn’t delivered them. So maybe it will take an act of God? People wonder and worry because things are looking so fuzzy but so far no glasses have come forth.

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